SATURDAY - November 8th, 2003 10AM-4PM

2003-11-08 MICKEY SINARDI'S Showstopper Stars on Parade

When I arrived I immediately ran into Bob May and Noreen. Great seeing both of them and seeing Noreen for the first time. Funny how the internet makes us so close. When I went into the main room I went first to see the Voyage people. Del and his lovely wife Linda were there, as well as, Terry and Allan. Linda took a great shot with the four of us. I then went to talk to Marta and Bob and got a great shot of them. Bob has been dieting and really has taken off some weight. Marta looked especially gorgeous! I then talked to Robert Colbert. It was great seeing him again! Linda again took another pic for me. And finally I spoke with the Giants crew. They were all great and Deanna was rivaling Marta! Irwin sure knew how to pick them.

They were all very talkative and took the time to answer any and all questions. Some how I missed June Lockhart :-( Next time I guess. Stefan Arngrim was either a no show or came after I left. I really wanted to meet him :-(

A few of the star, Don Matheson, Don Marshall and Robert Colbert had their new cards with them and were autographing them. As far as fans go, I did get a chance to talk to Noreen and Kathy G (Zorro). Unfortunately, I didnít see Ray Dutczak. Everyone said Ray was supposed to be there?

Thatís my report.

Best regards,


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Star Locations
09 - Deanna Lund Autograph.jpg
09 - Deanna Lund Autograph
09 - Don Matheson Autograph.jpg
09 - Don Matheson Autograph
09 - Don Matheson Card 1.jpg
09 - Don Matheson Card
09 - Don, Don and Deanna.JPG
09 - Don, Don and Deanna
16 - Don.JPG
16 - Don
16 - Don Marshall 1.jpg
16 - Don Marshall Card
17 - Robert and Kirk 2.JPG
17 - Robert and Kirk
17 - Robert Colbert Autograph.jpg
17 - Robert Colbert Autograph
17 - Robert Colbert 1.jpg
17 - Robert Colbert Card
23 - Allan Hunt Autograph.jpg
23 - Allan Hunt Autograph
23 - Allan, Del, Kirk and Terry 2.JPG
23 - Allan, Del, Kirk and Terry
23 - Del and Terry.JPG
23 - Del and Terry
23 - Del Monroe Autograph.jpg
23 - Del Monroe Autograph
23 - Linda and Del.JPG
23 - Linda and Del
23 - Terry Becker Autograph.jpg
23 - Terry Becker Autograph
33 - Bob and Marta.JPG
33 - Bob and Marta
33 - Bob May Autograph.jpg
33 - Bob May Autograph
33 - Marta Kristen Autograph.jpg
33 - Marta Kristen Autograph
74 - Larry Mathews Autograph.jpg
74 - Larry Mathews Autograph
74 - Rose Marie Autograph.jpg
74 - Rose Marie Autograph

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